Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Go ahead, start a blog, what do you have to lose

Blogging is an art, kind of, and an opportunity, occasionally. But one thing it should never become is a chore. It should flow naturally from life, it should spring from the day, it should be the bountiful harvest of living. Well, maybe not, but it should never be difficult. There should never be a time when a blogger thinks "oh, dang I have to write a post."

Perhaps a blogger on the payroll could occasionally feel put upon, an imposition, but, as an amateur in no danger of losing my unpaid status it is a little difficult to generate a lot of sympathy for a person squeezing a little coin out of a few words. Still, following a schedule, and writing to the requirements and specifications of a task master would add some challenges. But, blogging is the ultimate platform for self expression.

My life is deadly dull, tedious, mind numbing. But, my blog is where I scream with pride "if I had any life at all it would be something like this." There is some element of truth, but, not much.

What is important is that you take a blog and put yourself into the words. It is your blog, and it should be what you want. If you are spiritual, it should reflect your faith. Never be ashamed of who you are. Politics are fair game, but it will invite criticism, and counter points, so be prepared. If you like sailing, or fishing, hunting, trapping, playing card games, tell the world. There will be others that feel the same.

Blogging is your soapbox, your dais, it is the stage from which you can tell the world "this is who Iam." Or, if you want to follow down my path "this is not who I am but this is who I see when I look in the mirror without my glasses."

Here is my only advice about blogging, give it a shot, it don't cost nothing.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Follow The Bouncing #Hashtag

I love the people that tell me the #Hashtag is dead. I mean to think that people take a minute out of their busy day to remind me that adding #Hashtags to my posts is a total waste of time is kinda like the person who asks me why my headlights are on in the broad daylight. You certainly seemed to notice didn't you?

I mainly use #Hashtags as an excuse to posts things. The #SelfieSaturday and #MotivatedMonday #Hashtags are good examples of this. One is a great excuse to post old and tired posts, and the other one is an excuse to post old and tired me. The same goes for #WorkoutWednesday, #FitFriday and #FlexFriday, but then again health and exercise is kinda my shtick yanno? On Twitter (where #Hashtags are still a very vital part of the experience) I like to see how insane I can make #Hashtags in general. I actually got the #Hashtag #BecauseIFarted to trend one day when I was bored, but when it comes to the #Hashtags I use on a weekly basis, they are pretty serious.

I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing #FixThePlus but as of yet, it doesn't appear that the Google folks are sick enough of it to actually #FixThePlus, now does it? #ThrowBackThursday is another excuse to post old crap and I see some people use #FlashbackFriday to post old crap. My Friday #Hashtag schedule is way too busy to add another one at this time, but you never know. With #FitFriday and #FlexFriday being pounded out all morning I also do #FollowFriday which is hugely important. When you see one of those that is my way of saying, "HEY! Follow these people, and follow their blogs," if for no other reason then they are certified cool, by me.

Amazingly enough #Hashtags can be very useful tools as well. My little online newspaper The Whacko Blogs Daily is all generated by #Hashtags. No seriously, by adding the #Hashtag #TheWhacko to the feeds of all of the Whacko Bloggers when they get fed to The Whacko Blogs twitter page, then the newsfeed knows to grab and add those posts. In reality it doesn't matter how many people tell you that #Hashtags are dead. It really doesn't hurt to play around with them in all of your online profiles. I should know, I don't just play blogger on TV, I pretend to be one in real life!

Friday, May 20, 2016

More Crazy Online Folk

For the most part I started blogging (or leading a life online in general) to escape the many sad factors of my own life that required me to branch out and seek something. I think what I was really seeking was some form of affirmation because once I received a little of that I was hooked. I think we all in our deepest moment of honesty are willing to admit that is what drives us to be online. There is usually a period of self gratification followed by some sort of moment where we realize that we are basically the same person online that we are offline, and then we figure out what we are going to do with that in formation from there.

When I overcame the "look at me look at me" Bart Simpson mentality (and for those that think I may have not, just trust me on this one) I started treating my computer as a serious endeavor for a while. I started writing books and proving to myself that my attention span is not made for books it is made for blogs. I then went back to writing blogs and was free of the need to be read. Now of course you have probably noticed that I am read, but without all of the overly serious need to be read the way I used to. Either you can attract an audience or you cannot. When I had started the "My Brand" mentality and spent more time playing to my strengths and not to my audience, it was a lot easier to maintain my audience. If you don't get it, stick around you will.

My bread and butter of course are the diet and exercise things. I've honed that craft to a point where it comes a lot easier than the rest, although many have said that I am just as good at reciting political rhetoric. My passion though for those who haven't figured it out is people watching. I really like to watch the way people communicate and interact. A lot of my humor is based on finding stereotypes and exploiting them for my own amusement. No, not a racism or sexism thing, but a tweeking people and finding out habits or abnormalities. If you haven't found yourself doing this yet then let me give you a brief lesson on this form of amusement, or at least being able to figure out people's inner selves.

My most popular blog by far is the Quote Whacko. Go figure the only one that has no original content is huge by social media standards. Don't take my word for it, but look at the graphic above. 181,000 followers to "People& Quotes" which is where I post my Quote Whacko daily blog exclusively. If the Plus was working on G+ each post would have over 400 +1s every day. Now with that said, those posts are quite the social experiment, especially as it pertains to politics. Even if the post isn't political there are certain people that have been so polarized in the general populace, and some topics that are such taboo, that certain people who are so amazingly sure of their stance will make complete and utter a-holes of themselves. All the while assuming that they are making a-holes out of everyone else.

If I have learned one thing in my years of living a life online, it is that an overwhelming majority of the people online DO NOT troll. We see the trolls who find their way to a post and then set it on fire. They attract a certain level of follower, but for all intensive purposes, we will call them what they are "losers following a loser" and you can't let their babbling effect you. Trust me they don't actually effect anyone else. Just because you see them blowing up online, and throwing trash bombs, most people don't even read the comments. Most people don't feel the need to respond to them, but more important for everyone out there who has come across a troll, with an agenda, you don't have to feel anything what so ever when a troll bombs something. They are just the same old idiot who dominates the zone around the water cooler that HR hasn't gotten around to firing yet.

You don't have to have a blog, or a gigundous social network to learn these things. You just have to understand that despite what we all think of ourselves, we are basically normal. If you see something idiotic being touted online, chances are pretty good that you just move along right? That's something that you and most people have in common. If you feel the need to blow up all over the comments then that might be a problem that needs medication ...

Friday, April 29, 2016

More Fun from Our Friends at Google

Well I have been pounding the #FixThePlus project along. Getting others involved, and posting more often just so I can get the #FixThePlus hashtag to trend. I have diagnosed the problem to be that only comments on the actual blog will register a +1, and of course I have posted to the message boards (lack-of-help forums) just to have "Google Experts" (Think Reddit-Like folks in Google Forums form) tell me and others that we are either wrong, or Google is fixing an international problem of some sort. Today I am happy to report that the problem of the +1 only registering when someone posts a comment to your blog and not when someone actually +1s your post is finally over! Yes, today +1s don't work on the blogs at all.

Yes, we shall no longer have to worry or analyze what we actually need to do to get a +1 on our blog posts, we can just expect NO +1s on our blog posts. A little over two months ago I lived vicariously through the 150 to 200 +1s that the mere posting of a blog would garner me, to have to figure out ways to get my blogs re-posted around so I could break 20 +1s to looking at a big fat ZERO at the top of my blogs. There are no answers to this folks and I apologize if it has been effecting any of you the way it has been effecting me. If it isn't disheartening to you, then you are lucky because as cheerfully as I have tried to put up with it all it is kinda depressing.

I don't know what to tell anyone beyond that. I'm personally fortunate that over the last month anyway I have simply enjoyed creating content, building a brand that is (MINE ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) growing for whatever reason despite the lack of instant gratification. I've even spent a pretty good amount of time streamlining the operations, as it appears that a lot of my blogging friends have started slacking off on the creation process (gee I wonder why?) which has given me less to read. I have also been giving rounds to a lot of my old favorite Twitter Hashtags on the Googleverse. #FollowFriday has been one that I have tried to bring back. Hey if you can't bring sexy back, try bringing back the old tired #Hashtags huh?

My next goal (along with flooding the Googleverse with the #FixThePlus hashtag) will be to flood the #Googleverse with as many hashtags as I can think of. Why might I be doing this? Well it's simple folks. If G+ and Blogger are going down, I want to be a lighthouse before everyone ends up on Facebook wondering why posts of "I farted" are more popular than a thoughtful blog, or a relevant news story. How do we do this? Well you can start by clicking the "Join This Site Using Google Friend Connect" over there on the right. That's what I have been doing a lot lately. Even if a friend's blog doesn't have that gadget, you can copy and paste their blog address (like for example) and then pasting it into the Reading List on the blogger dashboard (just click the add button) to make sure that we are all community, long after the community that brought us together dies. If it dies.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Enough is Enough

I had to remove the Facebook App from my cell phone and my tablet again last week. In all honesty I only keep that app around because my wife will post something on Facebook and like most of us who find ourselves trapped on Facebook, the question always comes up "Did you see what I posted on Facebook?" The fact of the matter is, if you don't believe Facebook is like a needy ex-girlfriend, just ignore it for a week. By the time I finally removed it from all of my devices it was setting off my alerts just about every hour to tell me that someone I could give a crap about who ignores me posted some drama involving someone else I don't really know. Really?

As broken as G+ may be these days at least there is more reality or far more interesting things being posted there. I had totally forgotten how vapid my old school chums were and why I don't hang out with any of them anymore until my feed was filled with "I'm bored entertain me," at all hours of the day. Now Facebook wants me to know about every post that someone makes for God know's what reason. Of course I haven't exactly contributed to the atmosphere as the only thing I liked to do at the end of my daily "looksies" into the place, was post things that I knew would piss people off. It really does bring out the worst in you, or should I say I know it brings out the worst in me.

What the hell would bring Jeremy to a point where he would actually go on another Facebook rant? Well simply a post I saw on the G+ stream that was so damn true I couldn't avoid commenting on it. It was one of those church billboards, whether real or just a photoshop that read "May your day be as good as you pretend it is on Facebook" and everyone knows exactly what that means. Seriously, it doesn't take years of learning about people to know what is and is not reality. Think in terms of the people who still take a peek at their ex-spouse's pages to see what lies they are up to. More to the point, how many people we deem to be idiots that eat that crap up. We never sit back and say, "Damn I used to eat that stuff up, and now I am delighting in watching other fools," do we?

Once I cut the cord my life became a LOT happier. I am not saying that it is the cure for everyone, but I will say that more often than not when I am (or was) looking at the feeds and privately judging the people who lets us all into the drama, I realize that I am part of the problem. Worse than that I am the problem that mires myself in the drama should I not graduate from Middle School. Yelling at the screen because you find someone to be "that stupid" or "that deserving" or worse yet "that much of a train wreck" doesn't solve anything. If you really want to be stuck under a pile of crap, just take some time to try and help that person out. Remember that sitting in your own shit can be warm and comfortable for a while, but it does start to stink and definitely attracts flies. I'm glad I un-installed the app. It keeps the battery on my phone charged longer and it keeps ME charged longer.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The #FixThePlus Hashtag Project

Look if you are reading this then you are most likely an avid Google Plus user. Demographics tell me this, of course you could be a bored Twitter user, but we know the Facebook crowd are liking memes, and looking at videos right now. There's nothing wrong with this, but as an avid Google Plus user, you have realized that of all the social media formats it is the one that works best for you, and like myself you aren't going anywhere else to get what you do with Google Plus. Unfortunately as the system breaks apart these days, we have to be realists, because Google doesn't exactly make profit off of Google Plus. We're actually lucky they keep it going and let us use it, so the "angry customer" attitude isn't exactly going to get anything fixed.

Of course the majority of us use Google Plus because it integrates with Blogger, and makes it so we can use the social network to trump up our blog stats. The fact that people who Plus your blog posts on Google Plus are adding the Plus directly to your blog is a HUGE feature, but it has been gone for a week now, and it is sucking the life out of the Blogging community. Google does make a certain amount of revenue off of Blogger, but not enough to make it a major priority with it's tech support either. This problem like a lot of other ones falls on deaf ears, and as I said before, the "angry customer" approach isn't really an option, besides it will just make people sick of you and your attitude quick enough to make it all moot. Been there, done that.

To really get under the skin of the powers at Google you have to use a form of passive complaint. Passive aggressive behavior is not always the best way, but in the social media world we know how it spreads like a cancer. Seriously folks, for the time being, until the issue gets resolved add #FixThePlus to all of your posts and see where it goes. When hundreds or thousands of that hashtag makes the rounds, someone will take notice, then someone else, then who knows? It's like I said, if Google Plus dies then most of our reasoning to post online dies. The next thing you know we will lose the will to create, and sooner or later lose a part of ourselves that isn't all that easy to get back.

It may be a small form of kudos in the online world, but it has been something that many of us have come to look forward to. Please support #FixThePlus and lets see where it takes us.

Thank You, Jeremy Crow

Thursday, March 3, 2016


By Living A Healthy Life with Chronic Pain


13. If you have trouble lifting heavy detergent boxes, have a friend/husband/wife pour into a small container, empty pill bottles work good, or put the large container on the floor and use a scoop.

14. I love using a front loading washing machine rather than using a top loading machine.

15. Using gravity to get the clothes out of your dryer or front loading machine by placing your laundry basket underneath the door scooping your clothes out with a long object. A cane would work.

16. Revisit the old-fashioned push-on clothespins rather than those pinch clothespins.

17. Those fitted bedsheets can sometimes be difficult to put on your bed, slit one corner and fashion with a tie.

18. You can use a large, wide spatula or an oven shovel to get those sheets tucked under the mattress.

19. If you have respiratory problems use a disposable vacuum cleaner bag removing with extreme care.

20. For spot clean-ups, you can use a small battery powered vacuum which you can keep on your cleaning cart.

100 Exquisite Adjectives
By Mark Nichol

I love words and came across a list of them. I'm going to add a word a day to my posts as long as I don't forget.

Word #35 Gustatory: having to do with taste or eating

In a sentence: The dinner was a gustatory pleasure for the palate.