Wednesday, July 4, 2007

sapphoq on board

I have far too many e-mail addys and I have been accused of having too many blogs. Each blog has its' own purpose. Two of them are being maintained until the powers that be kick me out-- Yahell and El Jay have both been noted to have difficulties with censoring talent and allowing crud in the form of baby rapers to stay on. I have a blog now at Insane Journal-- a warm friendly little place that has pledged not to remove any content unless legally forced to. This blog here is the second team blog experience for me; and my fifth or sixth blogspot blog.

Blogspot is pretty much WYSIWYG; that is to say it is a push-button operation. In defense of Blogspot, I will note that armed with some code it is possible to get a more individualized look.
Both of the team blogs I belong to are on Blogspot. The set-up for team blogging is particularly appealing. The head blogger can set the layout, get new posts and comments mailed to their e-mail box, invite or ban authors, and do any co-ordination in general that might be required.

One of the greatest things about blogging is that [through meeting Jer over at Yahell], I got involved in PSP and IncrediMail e-stationary making. Making stats, tags, and icons has been a personal highlight of my life for the past year. Two months after making my first background, my work was in an art show [non-juried] in Pennsylvania. Participation in a computer art group has been largely responsible for the return of my motivation to achieve.

For any blogger with no experience with computer art and photo manipulation, I highly recommend it. It adds an extra dimension to blogging and the personal satisfaction therein.


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