Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dear Asswipe 7/5/08

A big fuck you going out to V.E.S.I.D. for operational failure.
Taking the side of the stoopid job developer in demanding I get a "return to work" note for a vertigo attack-- bovine fecal matter.
Furthermore, as far as "return to work," what work?
Screw off.
If you aren't going to help me, then get the fuck out of my way.

No love,
the traumatic brain-injury malcontent on your overflowing caseload.


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  2. Ugh, I'm sorry that this crap has gone on this far. I'm very lucky they denied me their services, not like I would have welcomed it anyway. I could already tell they were bound to suck from my experience with their White plains offices. I had said it previously that part of me feels they rig things like this on purpose and I'm still convinced. They don't plan on getting people good and stable work: They talk down to people and try to convince them to take anything that comes their way. Seriously, getting a return to work note for a vertigo attack?! How they could encourage that is beyond me. I just think it's so disgusting how they discourage people. VESID, you are incredibly terrible and ought to be ashamed of yourself!