Sunday, February 21, 2010

Redirecting Your Blog URL to a Domain

Originally when I had moved all of my blogs from Yahoo to Blogger I had done so for a few simple reasons. The most important of which was because I could store my blogs on my own domain and let Blogger deal with the comments and such for me. For those that weren't around back then it was the easiest way to keep stalkers from getting my blogs eradicated through overwhelming the server administrators with spam about what an evil person I was and how they were sure that I was creating chaos. Of course I was, and probably am, but that wasn't the point. Nothing hurt worse than watching six months of your life go up in a flick of an administrators power. It was a techie at Blogger that had told me to have it sent via FTP to my own site, and then they could tell the spammers to kiss off because it was Jeremy's space and not Bloggers space being used. I liked that feeling of security and the added level of having it all backed up to my own server just in case. I then went on to explain to my friends how to do this themselves and a lot of them did.

Now that Blogger has decided that it will no longer supply FTP access to subscribers, we have a bit of a quandry here. After I had convinced more than a few people that it was the best way to go, and had described the way to do it, I now feel obligated to assist in fixing the new problem that is posed. What we have to do is point our custom domains that we had used to hold our blogs, towards a new Blogger or Blogspot address. This will also come in handy for anyone using a different service to hold thier blogs {like Livejournal, or Wordpress} and would like a custom domain or sub-domain of thier own website to point at it. Like in my example if you use the sub-domain it will actually redirect you to now after I did what I am about to explain. Ok this is a lot easier than it sounds but bear with me here ..

You need to set up an .htaccess file in your home directory so that it will redirect your traffic from your subdomain [ex.] or your domain [ex. or] to your blog on Blogger {Blogspot} or any other place that you use for your blogs ..

If you are transferring from your own domain to a Blogspot domain with a redirect follow these steps, if not skip to Thirdly and work from there ..

Firstly .. You have to go into your Blogger Dashboard Settings for the blog that you want to change over ..

Secondly .. You have to click .. Settings .. Publishing .. Then you have to change to a BlogSpot Address [ex. I went from to] .. This will be painless and will take a hell of a lot less time to do than usual, since we who published via FTP were always used to the uploading time. Now it will be instantaneous ..

Thirdly .. You need to create a text file on your desktop [call it redirect.txt or whatever you want to] open that text file and paste this code into it

Redirect 301 /

You then change the url to the new Blog url [in my case it would have been] .. Save the file .. Then rename it to .htaccess [not a typo .. nothing before the .]

Fourthly .. You need to upload that file to the directory of your blog [in my case it would have been the subdirectory of "blog" but it would depend on where your subdirectory is, or if your blog isn't a subdirectory then in the main directory .. subdirectory is if your blog has something other than www in front like instead of] ..

Now the only things you need to make sure you do, is when you upload the .htaccess file that you do it in ASCII mode and not BINARY mode .. If you can't save a file without something before the extension then save the file as whatever.htaccess and then change it on the server after you upload it .. Once you have the .htaccess file on your web server then give it a try and see if it works .. Hopefully it's rocking and rolling ;8o)

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