Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 1

Blogging Tip of the Day: Take time to respond to your comments: The ridiculously famous don't have to worry about appeasing their fan base because there is always more people signing on everyday to heap praise on them. I assure you that if you are reading this you are just a ham and egger like myself, so you need to appreciate the people who take time to help you build your brand.

If you find yourself commenting on posts that the author of the posts doesn't bother to even like or +1 your comment,  do YOU feel motivated to do it again? Better yet if you comment on something that leads to someone else's brand and find all that happens is you are inundated with other people's scorn and abuse do you even feel like paying attention to that person at all? If that person takes a moment to defend your opinion how do you feel? The absolute worst thing you can do is allow yourself to think the comments and time of others is a given because sooner or later that person WILL become an enemy. How is that for your brand?

If you can take anything away from this tip then remember the old saying that "like attracts like" which means basically that if you are a thoughtful person then you will attract thoughtful people. It doesn't really work the other way though. If you are a thoughtless person you will probably attract nobody at all, or repel the people who regret that they ever found you.

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