Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Crazy Folks in the Blog Community

As a blogger or even a member of the online community, the hardest thing to deal with is people. Yes people are the hardest thing to deal with because they are unpredictable entities that are a necessary evil. Don’t take what I am saying the wrong way folks, because at least 90% of the world’s population are good people, but you have to face the fact that about 10% are not. You also have to deal with the fact that there is a certain percentage of the other 90% that are easily influenced by the other 10%.

Now how does this specifically pertain to writing or interacting online, has a lot to do with your own temperament. I have a poor temperament, and it is pretty well documented. I have been known to let people get under my skin, and more to the point, I have had the ability to be overly judgmental of myself. You would think that this type of personality wouldn’t bode well for anyone that would write and rely on other people to read. Fortunately in 10 years of writing online, various meltdowns because of it, and several attitude changes, I have come up with a few tips and trick that will help if you need them.

There really are only two types of people that you have to worry about, and in this I will explain to you why you shouldn’t worry about them. The most important person to look out for is those that commit “Onlinocide” as I like to say. I have this happen quite a bit, and I used to assess what was wrong with me, when in reality the question is “what is wrong with them?” If you haven’t dealt with one of these people before, then you are very lucky so far, but it will happen sooner or later I assure you. They usually make a blanket proclamation of what all of your problems are publicly, and then either block you, un-friend you or stop following you. 99% of their issues have nothing to do with you and the 1% that does, just means that they shouldn’t be your friend or follow you. It’s really that simple, so be happy they are gone and move on.

No matter what you do, keep your focus on who you are and what you write about. This is what will either get you friends, followers and readers, or it won’t. You need to do what you do, or else you are wasting your time. If their criticism of you is that you speak your mind too often, ten again, that is what you do and it is what you SHOULD do. Altering who you are or how you write will make you, not you, and then it is a waste of your time, and why do any of it then? Keep your focus on writing or sharing.

The other type of person shouldn’t affect you but it does, and I say this because I have let it affect me in the past. The “collectors” which I have called “being a charm on a charm bracelet” to them. You wonder why you pay attention to them and they never pay attention to you. Well again they have different priorities than you do, or they might even have the same priorities as you, but have better success at it. Some days I will see my posts in the middle of a feed of some sort, and mine are the ones with no “likes” or “plusses” and theirs have dozens or even hundreds. Again this doesn’t affect me, and you shouldn’t let it affect you. You can aspire to be that popular someday, but if it is the only reason you are doing it, then you might never get there.

In the echo chamber of online life it takes a long time for some people to get popular. For others it may take no time at all. Please keep an eye on the content that is being published or posted. If the content that others post isn’t compatible with what you post, then obviously there is reason number one. If the content that they post seems horrible to you, then that is problem number 2. You’re on different paths and your audience isn’t in your feeds to begin with. You need to focus on building your audience and if you have to forget about what you thought was your audience then that is the obvious issue, not whether or not others are more popular or not. Go out there and get that audience! 

This leads me back to what I was saying before, keep doing what you do and the audience will find you, or promote it to the right people. If one social media platform doesn’t work for you then, try another one. If that one doesn’t work I assure you that there are more. For the love of GOD don’t emote your displeasure with others and personalize it, because then you become problem person number one for someone else, and as I have tried to point out, those in the know don’t go to cyber funerals for those that commit Onlinocide.

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