Friday, March 20, 2015

What's in a Domain Name Anyway

So the other day I am logging into my Blogger Dashboard to post one of my ingenious and often witty Write Wing Thought of the Day posts to Write Wing Whacko (my political blog, kind of catchy isn't it?) and up pops this box from our friends at Google offering to find me a domain for it. I own a lot of blogs and I can’t exactly afford to domain them all, but Write Wing Whacko is special. It was after all the original blog that started TheWhacko.Com concept, and at one time I did own so it made sense to get that domain again and point it to the blog, I was thinking. It was as easy as a click, and Google did all the work of realigning everything.

Now anyone who knows me would tell you that my best intentions often lead to some amazingly awkward moments. For example, perhaps what should have been as simple as purchasing a domain, and then having it redirect to my blog page WriteWingWhacko.Blogspot.Com wasn't how Google saw the endeavor working out. No you see they moved my entire blog out of the BlogSpot location and into its new home of Blog.WriteWingWhacko.Com and turned the old page of WriteWingWhacko.Blogspot.Com into an awkward redirect which forces you to click a disclaimer making people think you are feeding them viruses. That’s just another smooth move Jeremy!

It gets better though, as I found out almost instantly, all of my +1s and comments were GONE! Years of work, getting a comment here and a +1 there were completely gone, and my political pages had notoriously done bad as it was. I actually had a chuckle over this and then figured I better re-post some of my older blogs, and see if I could rally any support for them. At the very least sharing them would give each one a +1, and they wouldn't be so naked. For those out there that are in my new and improved audience, there was a time when I had blogs that received hundreds of comments a day, and they all went poof when I was banned from that site. Back then I was bitter, but now a day it’s only electrons.

I formulated the plan of every two hours I would repost one of my old blogs and hopefully get a + here or there, but I didn’t expect what actually happened. Some of my political rantings from back in January received hundreds of +1s and comments. Before the day was over I was downright shocked that I somehow had the popularity I had had *coughcoughtenyearsagocoughcough* and have had rarely since. Timing and new audiences I guess. It was a demonstration of “just keep writing and sooner or later you will have an audience” and “the audience will find you as long as you are passionate about what you write,” but as I said, it was nice that such a bad accident turned into a great moment in time.

My piece of advice to anyone out there is to get yourself a domain, but don’t get it for your blog. Get it for your concept. By having TheWhacko.Com I am able to do all of my blogs and have a central place for them to be located. I use a cheap Canadian provider called DotEasy that has been 100% dependable and stable for *coughcoughtenyearscoughcough* and when it gets right down to it, the blog location is only a name. In my spare time it gives me places to post more things, and store things that “compliment” my blogs. It used to give me a place to pretend I was selling books too. Of course another reason to avoid the whole Google Domains idea of storing your blog, is if you ever stop paying the $12 for the domain guess what happens to all of your comments and +1s? Yeah exactly, God bless the idiots like me who find these things out for you huh?

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