Monday, April 13, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 15

Today's Tip: The most important thing I can get across to anyone is that your blog is YOU. No matter which one of my blogs you are reading, you are reading me, and friends I let fill in for me. If I give you a tip, it is because I tried that tip and it worked great, so I am being helpful. Some people aren't too keen on being helpful because they think it is a competition, but I assure you blogging is not a competition, because no matter how many tips I give you, you are not me. Just like I am not you. This is why your brand of you is important.

With all of that said, you will see I give simple tips, and not long complicated ones. You are being you, and you are cultivating you to make you more interesting, just like I do. I have friends that specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I may even pass along one of their blogs from time to time, but I want you all to think about this for a minute. You can optimize the crap out of your page to rank high in a search engine, but when people get there, what are they going to find? Unless you are selling soap or the next great gadget, then I am sure it is YOU. Have you made yourself worthy of that webpage visit?

My goal every time I write something is to get one more person to read it and then hold on to that person. If I present me in the best way possible, share my humor, my insights, my helpful nature, I have a pretty good chance. It is after all something that comes naturally to me. If I start stepping outside of myself into something I am not, then not only does it become harder to maintain that, but people don't really respect that. This is the difference between blogging, and writing press releases. YOUR brand, YOUR audience, YOUR hard work is what it takes to get one more person to read and stick around afterwards.

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