Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 16

One of my biggest fears is overexposure. I don't know if this is something that crosses your mind too, but it probably should. Some people find it amazing how many blogs I have and how often I can write for them, but I have tricks I use to make sure that my brand is always out there while at the same time doing my best to make sure people don't get sick of me. If you are saying "damn I am sick of that guy" right now, then I am failing miserably, but if you are saying "hell yeah I get just enough of you" then keep reading.

First I assume that the audience changes about every two hours. Yes I know there are some of us that can sit on G+, Twitter and Facebook all day, but lets just assume that there are slightly less weird people out there, that we need to tap into. They probably browse social media in their free time, and they probably don't have as much of it as we do. You need to get your brand in front of those people without them saying "holy potatoes this person babbles, and I don't have time for this!" Again, assuming that you need to have something out there every two hours seems to work for me, but then again you are now probably saying, "oh God, I can barely write once a day, if that!"

If you have been building your brand like I have, then you should have quite a few blogs already written. If you have ADHD like I do then you probably have a half a dozen blogs written that haven't been published yet. The secret is to blend them throughout the day. Every two hours make sure that something is posted. Don't overwhelm people, just get that one thing out there even if it is recycled from before. Your brand needs an audience and they don't all play around on the internet at the same time you do. They also might not have the same likes, dislikes etc, but you never know until you reach out to them. On their time NOT yours. Now go get em!

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