Friday, April 24, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 25

Today's Tip: Don't let your excuses to NOT blog become your blogs. Hey, life happens, I get you, your friends get you, your readers get you. Your readers also get you more than you think. When you have to be away from your blog for whatever reason, you're working on a book, you have to go to a class reunion, going through a messy divorce, you name it your audience understands when you do "that blog" explaining where you have been. You may even find the blog about "where you been" to be very popular, but don't EVER think that it can become a usual occurrence, I say this because the first time there is an excuse to not blog, people understand, the second time people start to wonder, the third time, they get it, your blog isn't important to you. 

Now I am not saying that you better stay chained to a keyboard and pump out those blogs. I am saying that all of the things that are going on in your life make great blogs, especially if you have noticed that people have an outpouring after you write "that blog." Use that to post updates on your status in your blog. There are those that are thinking right now, "but the problem Mr. Crow is that I don't have time for that, duh?" to which the brutally honest side of me would throw back, "then you aren't much of a writer then are you?" That statement was NOT an insult it was a challenge!

Let's examine what makes Jeremy Crow a semi decent writer, even though his claim is that he is only a blogger. I get up in the morning, and in about the first 15 minutes that I am awake, I have a quote of the day for The Quote Whacko AND a Jeremy Crow's Gym Rule all ready for The Health Whacko. Now I have two blogs ready while I casually drink my coffee, poke through the Google + feed, and get ready for the gym. I head to the gym where I have a good 2 hour workout, while in the background I think of what blogging tip I have for Blogaholics Anonymous AND my Write Wing thought of the day for Write Wing Whacko. When I get home from the gym, it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to write up both of those. I now have my first 4 blogs of the day before I am even in the shower and then head off to work.

Again, if you are thinking this is impossible, then you need to practice. You need to learn to let thoughts roll out of you and you need to add a little bit of interesting. Think of yourself as a "Word Chef" who just needs to find the ingredients and then prepare them with the skill that only YOU posses. Now get out there and thrill us with your next blog no matter how long it takes you to write it!

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