Monday, April 27, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 26

Today's Tip: Let your guest bloggers have autonomy. Yes I know this is hard for many of you, and believe it or not it has never been that hard for me, thank God. This came to my mind yesterday when a friend of mine who generously guest posts on my blog had put one in the queue and wanted me to look it over before he published it. I wasn't in a place to look it over, and to be honest with you I never want to anyway, so I just reminded him that I trust him and I will read it right along with everyone else. This has always been my attitude, because everyone reading knows that my guest posters are themselves and I am me, and we all like it that way.
Of course if you are sweating bullets right now at the thought of such a leap of faith, even I know if a guest blogger goes all Neo-NAZI on me and/or decides it is the perfect time to start talking about Satan, and all the wonderful points of the Communist Manifesto, I can always delete it later. To be honest with you I probably still wouldn't delete it because there is comedy to be had when you accidentally give the keys to the wrong person, but so far I never have.
The last and most important secret of all of this is that your guest blogger, as I have said in other tips, is going to probably be more popular than you are. Mike Raven (of The Blog of Thog) totally kills it, whenever he guest blogs in The Tech Whacko, and the reason why is he is better at Tech Talk than I am. He remains that way if I DON'T mess with his writing. Christian Touchet (of Christian Touchet's Blog) does guest posts and they are raw and real (and often misspelled with poor grammar) but they make most of my blog postings seem amateurish. I would hate to interfere with that. Then of course Adele Archer (of Adele Archer Writes) and sapphoq Witch (of so many blogs you will need to get them off her G+ page) just add class and wonderful perspectives, that again I could only ruin if I edit them. Let go and let God my fellow bloggers!

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