Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 6

Today's Blogging Tip: Always remember to compliment your brand in your free time. Again here I am not giving much advice on HOW to write, because writing is up to you and how you do it is YOUR brand, but I want you to remember to do the things that make BEING a writer easier. Do you have a website? Most people forget to do this because they think the "blog" is the website, but sometimes you really do need a place to just store stuff for later links. Websites are cheap now a days, and they are easy to maintain, so there is no reason that you can't "market" your brand, and stay relevant all at the same time. Here's my website, and as you can see it is nothing special. I work on it a little, and I add things to it when I can. Again I am a blogger, a writer, and a brand. This one little piece of the puzzle helps me to promote my brand further, and let me show you how.

Now that you HAVE a website you can start working on the Easter Eggs, that will support your writing. I have supporting documentations, lists, graphics, or anything else I need for a specific blog (and yes I have a lot of blogs, which is another reason to link my brand) in it's own little "micro website" under the BIG website. For example I was able to create content much quicker and nearly daily by having ready made lists of content. The Health Whacko (one of my other blogs) has an extensive Easter Egg, under my primary website with lists of terms and exercises that I can quickly cut and past into my daily articles, and bolster my content. I have been working on The Graphic Whacko (another blog) which is an even BIGGER Easter Egg, but my time is limited to finish it, so it just gets more worked on everyday. It's a win win, and there is no reason that all of you can't do this too! You all wait until I have a Blogaholics Anonymous Easter Egg, and then you all will get real sick of these tips. HA!

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