Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 7

Today's Blogging Tip: This was going to be a part of yesterday's Tip of the day, but I started getting too wordy. Yes that could be part of today's tip: Don't get too wordy, but it actually isn't. Today I want to remind you all to "Dance with the one who brought you," which is the way to say, don't forget who your friends are.

In Social media circles in particular, when your brand takes off, everyone is going to want a piece of that. You will be friended, added to circles, followed, you name it, you will be a part of someone's process of growing popularity. If you are like myself then you try to be friendly and keep tabs on everyone. I go through my various feeds everyday, and I try to keep up on everything, but whether it is Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIN, you name it, the more people you have in your circles the harder it is to keep track of them all. DO NOT just sit idly by and believe your own importance in the scheme of things, and keep working on building the brands of the people who built, or are building your brand.

The easiest way to do this is to have separate lists. In G+ I have a special circle that the people who really do everything they can to help build my brand are in. They +, they comment, they are good friends, and I found out along the way that if I just go through whatever feed, somehow I can miss THEIR posts. I do not want to do this, and I would hope that you don't either, so what I do is add them to two circles. I add them to the one they correspond to, and then I have a special 101 list for those that really do deserve more of my attention. After I go through my feed and read, +, look at or comment on everything I possibly can, I click 101 and make damn sure that I read, +, look at and comment on the people who I owe for any success I have. Now go build that list, and hopefully I am in it!

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