Saturday, May 2, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 30

Today's Tip: This is a life tip, bundled up in a blogging tip. Don't become a slave to the greedy needy. Cutting ties and walking away from someone is the hardest thing in the world to do, especially when you generally want to be helpful. Worse than that you get caught up in a cycle of desperately wanting to be a good person, when it will just never happen. This has happened to me, and somehow I recovered from it, but I have seen it happen to a lot of bloggers who never have, and I have gotten pretty tired of it.

Bear with me if you don't know these people. The person who always wants help and advice. You want to be helpful so you give help and advice. They always need more help and advice, and over time it starts becoming obvious that they don't really take your advice. Over time they become a bit more demanding with your help and advice. How you feel at this point is what matters, because you need to walk away from this person before you start investing your own personal worth into them. Why don't they listen to me? Why do they continue to do the wrong things? You are losing the internal battle and you, and your brand are going to suffer from this.

At that point you need to shut that person off. I tried, they can't, trust God, move on. This is the point where you start seeing a person's writing or efforts suffer. Speaking for myself (and some may understand this) I would first be upset that I am a good person and why doesn't this person understand, or work with me. Then I would look at all of that time I spent being a good person going to waste. Then I would worry about being considered a bad person, even though I tried to be a good person. This is a real human set of emotions that helpful people suffer from, but the answer is simple ...

I am a good person. 
I tried, but they failed. 
They are the greedy needy. 
They are God's problem not mine. 
I think I will blog about it.
On to the next subject!

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