Monday, May 4, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 31

Today's Tip: This could have been a tip I could have given at any time, but I wanted to see how well it worked in multiple instances. Ever thought about using meme-like posts for your blog? If this isn't your first whirl in the "Blogging Tip of the Day" here at Blogaholics Anonymous, then you probably already know what a "meme-like post" is since that is what I am doing with the Blogging Tip of the Day, and you know what it has been a HUGE success, but not just here folks, I did this on 3 of my blogs, and this was the last of the three. Let me give a little background.

I started with The Health Whacko, when it became obvious that I had to "brand" myself. I needed to make more content, so I figured I would take all of my "gym sayings" that I had been posting to Facebook for years, and on a really good day getting 3 or 4 likes, bundle it with a daily gym term, and an exercise, and it was quick and easy content. It was also pretty popular when you don't just waste it on a Facebook post. I then started doing a Write Wing Thought of the Day, which again was the same ditties I would share to Facebook for a rousing 3 or 4 likes and bundled it with my daily Twitter Feeder (Paper.Li) and viola, I had two easy daily things that were pretty popular outside of the Facebook universe.

It was back when I was writing a blog about how proud of myself I was, that I realized, I have learned an awful lot over the years through trial and error, and I was sick of seeing people package the same old SEO garbage over and over again and call it blogging tips. Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 1 was formed, and I was off and running. The end game was clear. If you can do 30 of these things then you have a month of tips. Health Whacko did it, Write Wing Whacko did it, and as of the last tip Blogaholics Anonymous did it. What does this really mean? Content Baby! I proved to myself and all of you reading this that a little bit at a time, day by day, you are making content, and people are enjoying it, and it is YOURS.

your own trend, and then the sky is the limit! (I'm not done with the tips yet, so stay tuned my friends ,, I'll even tell you in an upcoming blog how to make widgets with all that content you made like the one below!)

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