Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 32

Today’s Tip: Today I am going to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which I usually avoid at all cost. The reason for this as a blogger and not a “business” I treat my brand a little differently than a multi-national corporation would. Simply put, if I was making a great product like say, soda pop, then all I would care about is making a product people like, and then creating the buzz necessary to make it profitable. How does this work with someone who just writes random crap and the only brand that he sells is “Jeremy Crow” incorporated? Well this is a problem if I am dragging in people who don’t just want to find a guy writing random crap. It could make me more infamous than famous pretty quickly.

On the other hand I do get “self-promotion” and I do understand that search engines need to know I exist. Google and Yahoo have means of finding things, but you don’t have to make it hard on them either. Of course I am sure that everyone reading this doesn't pump out content like the soda company pumps out the pop, but then again there are those like myself, who do a pretty good job of pumping content out there. Rather than building a bunch of tricks to get your “brand” out there why not just use what you have? If you look down at the bottom of this page, you will see all the feeds I set up so that every one of my blogs (and a couple of friend’s blogs) have the last 5 posts displayed. This is not only rolling content for my “brand” but it gives the search engines another chance to find my stuff, and index it.

Think of it as “automatic content, with an added benefit” that enhances your brand each and every time someone reads one of your blogs. Even if they don’t click any of those links you get a little “link popularity” boost, which Google still uses despite its newest and greatest scheme to micro-manage their link rankings. If just one reader a week takes a casual stroll off to another one of your blogs, you've self-promoted about as good as any of us. It’s a win – win in my book, and it should be another tool in your blogging toolbox. Tomorrow I will give you all a little more info on creating feeds for your blogs, unless you want to go get a head start and figure it out for yourselves.

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