Saturday, May 9, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 34

Today’s Tip: This is a continuation of Blogging Tip 32. Hopefully you’ve decided that adding content feeds to your blog is a great next step, now you just need a little coaching as to how you do it. Unfortunately for a good portion of the people reading this my blogs are all hosted at Blogger, so I am first going to show you the amazingly easy way I do it, and then tomorrow I will show you a less easy, but not too hard way to do it if you aren’t using Blogger. *Please keep in mind there may be an easier way to do this with Wordpress, Weebly or any of the other blog sites, I just don’t know so please share it with all of us in the comments*

First you need to open up the Blogger Blog that you want to add feeds to, and then click “Layout”

Find the place where you want to “Add a Gadget” whether it be in the side bar or at the bottom

Choose the option for “Feed” from the list of Thingymadingies that Blogger offers

Now you will need the feed address which you will get from the bottom of your blog. Find the Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) usually at the bottom of your blog. “Right Click” on the link and choose “Save Link Location”

That link location that you just saved will be what you “Paste” into the field on the “Configure Feed” screen you get after you click “Feed” on the Thingymadingies menu.

There are a few options you can play with on your feed, but if you are using this tutorial, I suggest you just click “Save” and roll with the defaults.

Now you have configured a feed in Blogger. Keep adding feeds until all of your blogs are represented, and you will have a very subtle way of advertising your other blogs, and building some link popularity for your posts. Tomorrow we will dive into doing feeds if you have a blog outside of Blogger. Have a great day!

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