Monday, May 11, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 35

Today's Tip: Well here I am trying to explain how someone who doesn't have a Blogger blog would go about creating a feed, for their blog. I figured the genius way for me to do this would be to use my "WordPress" blog that I have just to comment on my WordPress friend's pages to do this. As a complete rank novice over on WordPress it should have been a glowing example of how easy it is. Of course it probably came off as a glowing example of my stupidity, since in the end it didn't actually work.

I couldn't get the feed widget to work very great over there, but I did place the feed widget of my WordPress blog below to see if it works here. It's still a pretty good tutorial on how to configure WebRSS, and hopefully you all will take a trip over to my WordPress blog so that you can see the whole tutorial. If not that is ok too. I am burned out on the whole affair and plan to get back to good old fashioned blogging tips starting tomorrow. Until next time folks, keep an eye out for this Whacko at all times.

Keep in mind when looking at the feed below, that a feed will destroy all formatting, so it is better if there are a lot of graphics to go see the actual blog!

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