Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 36

Today's Tip: Ok folks, today we are going to get down to some real important blogging stuff. The ego of a writer. I have basically handed out 35 tips so far, most of which geared towards getting you better prepared for that next step in blogging, and here is what we could call the last step in the old you, or the blossoming of the new you. Forget any of the things you have been told by anyone that you know that has anything to do with your inadequacies, and start thinking, acting and presenting yourself as a writer.

Well Mr. Crow, what the heck do you mean? It's pretty simple here and I go off of my own experience. You are writing things and you are expecting people to read them. What you need to do is respect yourself enough to not go begging for people to like you. This goes for a lot of things, and I have beaten on Facebook a lot, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways we keep ourselves down. How about all of the "Groups" and "Communities" that you post your stuff to? Have you "vetted" them? When I say this I mean, have you looked into whether or not they work? Have you taken the hint if your stuff is constantly deleted by moderators?

This is the worst and hardest thing for ANY of us to overcome. I want to be liked, and I worked hard to be liked, and I failed, quit writing, and considered myself a failure because I wasn't "liked" by the people I wanted to like me. Now I get hundreds of comments on my posts, and people ask me why, which is hard to explain unless they absolutely "get" the ego. I started writing like everything I wrote mattered. I stopped posting MY stuff where it wasn't welcome, and I stopped chasing popularity. Yeah I lost the 2 readers, and maybe a "like" or two a day I was getting, but I gained so much more in return, like all of you reading this for example. I wouldn't have all of you great people if I didn't stop hanging out where I wasn't wanted. Now go find YOUR audience.

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