Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 37

Today's Tip: (Followed by a little homework!) There are two things that make a great blog and a great blog writer. Your ability to get people to relate to you, and your ability to make them see the humor in yourself and hopefully along the way, themselves. This has been a winning formula for me for about a decade now, and if I deviate from it too much, I suffer the consequences.

Let me explain it this way. You probably think your life is boring, because after all it is what you are used to. The hardest thing to accept because television, movies, magazines, books and the internet have pretty much convinced you that the rest of the world is exciting, and you are not. The fact of the matter is that about 99% of the world is boring folks just like you and me, and YOU have the power to make everyone more exciting if you just try a little.

Without getting too crazy on the explanations I want to "teach" you all to do what I just said as opposed to explaining it over and over again. Here's what I want all of you to do, and I promise you, if you do this I will not only applaud you, I will personally promote you. I want you to create a blog about something that you find repetitive and boring in your life, because there are many millions of people who do that too. I want you to then take that that repetitive and boring thing that you do and add sarcastic humor to the entire thing. Instead of saying "I was washing the dishes," I want you to say, "I again found myself in the kitchen facing a pile of dishes that was breathing fire, and trying to eat my dog, armed only with a dish towel that I had fashioned into a whip, and the cover to my favorite spaghetti pot held out in front of me like a shield!"

I don't care how long it is, I just want you to write this boring task, wrap it up in a pretty package that people can relate to, and laugh about. I want you to be able to read it and say, WOW, I never knew I had that in me, and then post the link of your blog entry to Google + and make sure you put +Jeremy Crow or +TheWhackoDotCom and I will personally promote it to all of my followers, just to show you and them what good blogging really looks like. I may even come up with awards, if you all really take this on. Have a great day!

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