Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 42

Today's Tip: Don't let your brand suffer because of your brand. Yeah I know I have come up with some silly phrases this year, but this one came to reality this weekend for me. Sometimes you can get into a funk because you have too much to do, we all know this one, but what if having too much to do, is all about your brand? I mean you work pretty damn hard to get your brand live as often as you can. You need to feed new content to your blogs, and some people have a problem with that, but what if you are like me and you don't have a problem with that? What if you could just write and write and write, and never really build something other than your writing? This in and of itself can be a problem. A very strange problem but a problem none the less.

Here's my example and the solution I had to come up with for it, and see if you can relate. Of all my blogs, my Health Whacko definitely has the most interaction, and in turn leads to the most "extra data" that needs to be built. I have volumes of content that I could put into an easy to use, and implement format, so that I can make it a lot easier on myself. The problem is shutting down the writing machine long enough to work on the data machine. The only solution was prioritization, but the fear of not having that fresh new content everyday cripples me, so I always put these things off. This weekend I chose not to, and the solution was a lot easier than I was willing to admit. I had to use the volumes of content I had already created to my advantage. I spent the weekend re-posting old blogs and working furiously to get as much of my data in order as I could.

Why was this important, and why am I wasting your time with this? Well you see the volumes of new data that was converted into content now makes my Health Whacko blog a self sustaining machine that can be updated a heck of a lot quicker. All of the exercises I post in the blogs is now in a format that is as easy as cut and paste. All of the images I took of myself doing the exercises is already in the data, and the videos of all of those exercises are pre loaded into the data. An entire day of sweating over this has now made it so that a "Gym Rule" that a lot of people look forward to each morning, can have the "data" that I include with it, two minutes and two clicks away. Up until I finally got around to doing that it would take me about twenty valuable minutes, and worse than that, no time to add to these databases. Now I am ready to take it to the next level. Go get your ducks in a row too and hopefully this will help you drag it up to that next level as well.

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