Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 43

Today's Tip: Forcing a blog is like trying to fit a basketball through a garden hose. In the last few tips I eluded to what you need to do when you have the blogging equivalent of writer's block, the crippling mental struggle of trying to enhance your brand, and why it doesn't effect your blogging. Well why it doesn't effect your blogging if you get it anyway. Now I am going to help you get it, if you missed all the subtle hints.

I had said that I have a huge archive of content, a huge archive of graphics and a digital camera (as well as a camera on my watch and my cell phone, I am without excuses there) which was my way of saying, keep yourself in the feeds no matter what. I have 12 blogs that I own, and 4 more that I guest post on that I have the keys to post at will. I have 7 other blogs that people love to get an e-mail with a guest blog in it. Why do I do this to myself, and how does having all that make it easier? Again, I have every sort of content covered.

Here's some examples and feel free to steal the ideas (I'm comfortable with my brand) The Graphic Whacko - The Photography Whacko - The Quote Whacko. Thanks to the work I put in setting up The Graphic Whacko, I can take 10 minutes to post a funny picture, and get a lot of responses. Thanks to the time it took me to set up The Photography Whacko, I can keep a stock of pictures of historical places near where I live and post them when I don't have time or energy to post a wordy blog. The true genius behind what I did to keep my "brand" live was The Quote Whacko though. Every morning, first thing after I wake up, I post a new quote, with a picture of the person quoted. BOOM! I have kept at least one of my blogs relevant EVERY day. Enough with the excuses, and go work on your brand folks.

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