Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Whacko Dot Com 2.0

Well I had basically wanted to keep expanding TheWhacko.Com to include more and more things outside of myself, and today I took that next step. I bring to you Whacko 2.0 where I start giving more credit and publicity to those that help me in my quest for world domination blogging nirvana.

What I did today in the cover of darkness and without any permission whatsoever was kidnapped the blog feeds of the various people that have guest blogged on any of the Whacko blogs, and incorporated them into The Whacky World of Whacko Blogs. Actually it isn't as diabolical as it sounds I just really like to sound diabolical, and at times have managed to do that. In other words what I did was took the RSS Feeds of Adele Archer, Christian Touchet, Mike Raven, Rachel Rennie and Spike Q, then added them to the feed for all of the Whacko publicity pages.

I intend on doing this to everyone who guest blogs, but to these victims friends, that have been co-opted first it is a surprise. SURPRISE! Well what it actually does is just posts, all of their posts from their own blogs automatically to The Whacko Facebook Page, The Whacko Twitter Page and The Whacko Google+ Page, and also submits their blogs automatically to App.Net and StumbleUpon. Just my way of saying THANK YOU for being helpful to me and my quest for world domination a better blogging community.

Whacko 3.0 will come in the form of apologizing for kidnapping the feeds and getting all of the different contributors to The Whacko Blogs to give me the information they would like on their own Whacko Bio Pages, assuming that they are still talking to me. This is all a part of blogging in my mind, the whole, stick together, helping out, and of course as I am really explaining today, the attitude of "Grow or Go" that comes with being a moderately successful blogger for longer than the usual attention span.

Feel free to let me know if you would ever want to guest blog, because I love the help!

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