Friday, June 5, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 49

Today's Thought: Don't get stuck in the trap of blogging for others. I have said it enough that when you blog it is about YOU, and YOUR brand, but you need to stay focused on that. Popularity traps are one of my greatest pitfalls and surprise surprise I have found that it gets to just about everyone. We like to find the things that interest people, and then we like to cater our writing to that, but it is a self defeating prophecy. People get bored with reading what they already know, and it grows harder and harder to pull thoughts out of your brain and get them across when they are no longer your thoughts.

Now I may go off on tangents now and again, because I have something pretty complex that I need to get out of my brain. When I am done with the tangent, I am off in search of the new tangent. Most of my readers have gotten used to this, and some may even look forward to my next fixation. There are also the people that find me because of whatever fixation I just happen to be on at the time. Many of them stick around, some do not, but my audience is constantly being overturned and challenged to read new things coming from me, and they either like that or they don't. When I stay on things that no longer interest me, then they all seem to get that vibe, and will definitely lose interest themselves.

Now of course as a blogger you are not forced into some sort of refreshing and new way of thinking either. I often write about things I already wrote about, with some new conclusions, because I write life mostly with topics on the side. Your readers will actually like that. It's not like I haven't said that being wrong is ok as long as you admit it. I have found that people especially like it if you are the first one to figure out you are wrong and are either trying something new, or trying something old that is still different to you. It's all about the journey, and not the destination. Remember this when you write and you'll always maintain the level of refreshing that keeps and builds an audience.

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