Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 52

Today's Tip: Organization matters folks. One of the things that gets on my nerves often, are bloggers who spend more time complaining about writer's block, and less time working on their blog. If you are thinking that you can't "work on your blog" when you have writer's block, then please imagine one of those annoying buzzers, that used to be all the rage on game shows, going off because you are wrong! BUUUUUZZZZZZZ!

Think about what I just said a little differently. Ok, I have writer's block (which is probably God telling me to take a break anyway) and I have a blog. I can work on the blog! I can organize the structure, I can add links, make the template look better etc. This is what I am talking about. If you look around the frame of these words you are reading you will see a simple format that I use for all of my blogs. It wasn't magic folks, it was something I worked on during those times I had nothing to write. This format works for me and it is mildly professional. I have links to all of my blogs on the right, I have links to all of the Whacko Blogs contributors right under there. I have a drop down menu to all of the blogs in the archive, and a drop down menu to translate the blogs into virtually any language. At the bottom of every blog I have the feeds to all of my blogs. All neat and organized, and it all took time which I used when I couldn't write.

Here we go back to what I was originally talking about. If your blog doesn't look good, then you are presenting yourself that way. If you are talking often about not being able to write then you should be spending some time organizing, or else when you finally do write something, you could end up with a jerk like me, coming along and wondering if you even care about your blog. If you don't seem to care about your blog then why should anyone else?

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