Monday, June 15, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 53

Today's Tip: It never hurts to test the waters of your own popularity. I did this over the weekend, as I took my brand page "The Whacko Blogs" and subscribed it to all of the communities I usually post my blogs to, and used it to post all of my blogs for a couple of days. Fact is I found out exactly what I have been telling everyone for a while now. I am the brand, or should I say "Jeremy Crow" is the brand, and "The Whacko Blogs" is starting to get there, but it only musters about half the buzz that my name does.

Now of course it made me feel pretty good that my name was behind the clicks, but at the same time it made me question the content. This isn't a bad or a good thing folks, it is just a thing. There are advantages and disadvantages to being the brand. The advantage is that you basically own the brand by being born, and being interesting enough to be a brand, but the disadvantages are that others want to link to the brand which means "YOU" and that is a problem too. There is only so much of YOU to go around, so you either install a cold heart or you drown under the popularity. I know some people are thinking what a horrible problem to have, but trust me, you have to get on top of it before it really is a problem.

Think about the real time problems that happen when you the person are sought after for stupid stuff because after all you are a person as well as a brand. I only have 3700 followers on G+ (and yes if you have a few hundred you think that is a lot but ...) and the uber famous have millions. The uber famous don't need to manage their brand because it is a steam roller going down hill, and they can hire people to manage their brand. You (and I) on the other hand have about 50 different "Hang Out" requests (and yes they ALL are inane) which if unanswered means an "unhappy customer" to the brand. This means YOU, and unhappy customers are death to any brand. This is why you need to try to separate from completely being the brand. When I figure out how to do it I will let you know.

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