Thursday, June 4, 2015

Google Plus Has A Funny Way of Going Away

I make it no real secret whether it is through my blogging tips, or just general writing that I do on blogging, that Google+ is the bulk of my social networking that I do. It fits my personal brand, and despite the buzz that Google+ is a sinking ship, I am willing to stand on the deck and go down with it. I basically stick with what works and tweek it as needed. I’m not beating a dead horse; I am just reminding a few people that the horse is still out in the field and if you don’t saddle it and ride it, then stop crying about needing a horse.

Well in the interest of tweeking my Google+ I decided to take advantage of the collections feature when it came out. I couldn’t see any harm in organizing what I share out there, and I just basically set up my collections along the same lines as my blogs. What I didn’t expect was floods of people “following” one of them, and for the life of me I couldn’t understand it. I mean I understand that my blogging tips etc, are probably one of my more appreciated things that I post, but getting about 45 to 50 followers a day? That was strange, so I had to crawl around the pages of the people that were following this collection.

The first thing I realized about them all was that they were all brand spanking new. It pretty much gave me the answer to it all. Google must be adding my collection to the collections that it suggests when people sign up. That makes sense, because I am after all pretty damn awesome and if you wanted to get people hooked on your social platform then I am without a doubt one of the people you should use. Well ok back to reality, I decided that I could get more data out of this than the actual data that you can read from someone who is selling data. It demonstrated to me, that people appear to be signing up for Google+ at a pretty steady rate. It also shows me that our friends from Google don’t appear to be giving up on it.

Now I don’t personally know where those trends are going. I could make assumptions but I am usually wrong. I am just happy to see that my Google+ doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, or at least they sure have me fooled. If you haven’t been taking advantage of creating “collections” for your Google+ stuff, then you probably should. I’m not an expert on Google+ but I play one in blog, and an extra 45 to 50 people a day perceiving to pay attention to me is great, but even if the realist in me says that only 4 or 5 of them will do that, is worth the effort of what? Yeah 4 or 5 new people a day is pretty good, and you can always take the lottery ticket approach of dreaming it could be more.

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