Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blogaholic Writing Tip: Vol. 1

Here We Go: I am going to step away from my usual attitude that I am just a blogger who happens to write and give some advice to the writers who just happen to blog. Yes I realize that it is taboo to cross the two among some circle of writers, but sometimes the attitude of a blogger who happens to write can help a writer, so I figured why not throw some thoughts out there. Of course there are some people who will say that I can write a bit, but it is more of the contagious nature of someone who writes a lot as opposed to someone who is good at setting out to write a novel.

Now of course as a blogger I write in spurts, so I have to keep my thoughts organized and I have to get them together at the times I can write. In reality I have watched a lot of writers (wanna be or otherwise) and aside from all the different adjectives that people "describe" writers with, there are two types of writers. There are those that have plenty of time to write, and those that don't have enough time to write. If you are sitting there thinking there is never enough time to write then you are probably just like me, job, family responsibilities, upkeep on the house, etc and you my friend don't have enough time to write.

Well what you need to do is get into the cloud. There are plenty of sites that give you cloud storage and will let you add to your writing from anywhere, but the secret is to find the one that works best for you. Some use Google Drive, Box, DropBox and more keep showing up everyday. Now I am not a huge fan of Microsoft but their OneDrive has been the best solution for me personally. You'll need to find these things out yourself but OneDrive is the one that works on my work computer as well as everything I own. The filter at work blocks all the other ones. Once you have your writings in the cloud, then every old lunch break or smoke break is a time to jot down some more parts to what you are writing, without worrying about transporting the file on several computers potentially messing it up.

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