Monday, July 6, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 63

Today's Tip: Follow the bouncing ©. There will come a time (and if I were you I would make it sooner rather than later) where you will need to start paying attention to copyright infringement. This accounts for just about everything, whether it is using a brand name as your own, making money off of someone else's work, or the most common, nicking another person's graphic from Google. I have unfortunately run afoul of this and it forced me to have to go and change all of my graphics from one of my blog sites. That amount of time and effort when you have a huge blog is more daunting than just getting yourself right with the © Gods to begin with.

Then you have problem number two, of having to explain why you used to use great pictures, and now you have to use crappy ones. Of course that's easier than explaining how you can't afford a lawyer. Now in my case I was able to just take pictures of myself doing everyday gym things and it was a pretty easy fix, but if you have trouble doing graphics on your own, here is a tip that I have given in the past and it works here as well. Grab a cell phone app that will quickly make graphics for you, and use it. The good ones will be royalty free, and that covers your rear end and makes it simple. I suggest PhotoFunia which should keep you in the graphics for years.

Blogging Term of the Day from the Blogaholics Blogging Dictionary:
Above the fold
Reference to the content on a blog that appears without scrolling down in the open window. Borrowed from newspaper terminology.

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