Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 64

Today's Tip: Life goes on. This is the usual acceptance of something bad and our way of getting past it. Well I am here to tell you that the term "Life goes on," is probably more important when something good happens. You need to think about this for a moment if it has never happened to you in the blogging world, and then just store it for later use.

Here's the perfect example of what I am talking about: In the blogging world it is everyone's dream that one of their blog posts goes viral. Viral meaning that a lot of people on social media take the link to your blog and post it. The blog then catches fire and you end up with more popularity than you are used to. In a decade of blogging I can say honestly that this has happened to me a few times. Some newer bloggers might look at the popularity of most of my posts and say "well Hells bells they all seem to be popular," but the fact of the matter is that I get about the same amount of traffic on all of my blog posts. Then there are ones like a post I did yesterday in a different blog that just goes crazy. Now what?

You run the gambit of emotions over this. I need to write more blogs like this! (you never will, especially if you try to hard) I don't want to post another blog entry because then that iconic blog won't be front and center and what if the next blog I post isn't as popular? (first of all don't be ridiculous, you have to post something sooner or later, and yes it probably won't be, so what?)

The fact is, when you finally post that "viral" blog that you always want to, it will be dumb luck. I mean don't misunderstand that, it will be the perfect blend of title, picture you posted along with it, and of course a good message. It will kick start your blogging to the next level but to stay there you have to continue to be you. You definitely have to continue what you are doing, because that formula did create that blog, and you have to accept that it probably won't be all downhill from there. That doesn't mean you can't celebrate a viral post, you just can't dwell on it regardless of how good it made you feel. Life goes on.

Blogging Term of the Day from the Blogaholics Blogging Dictionary:
Astroturf Marketing
Also known as "astroturfing." Astroturf marketing is the artificial creation of a grassroots buzz for a product or service. Astroturf marketing has a negative connotation, primarily because disreputable marketers have used deceptive tactics to build their buzz by taking advantage of the anonymity the Internet provides.

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