Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 68

Today's Thought: Well I promised that I would share the secret to cleaning up your Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr feeds, by eliminating all or some of the people that don't follow you back. While of these three I only find Twitter be be useful as a blogging tool, Instagram can be fun for looking at pictures, and Tumblr ... well who knows what to make of Tumblr, but if you like it you probably should clean up your feeds too,

All you need is a website called FriendOrFollow, The site is simple enough, sign up with an e-mail address if you want your settings saved, log into your various accounts and let it do it's work. You'll be happy to get rid of all those people that followed you and then unfollowed you after you followed them. You'll probably find like I did, that most of the people that follow and unfollow take up a lot of space in the feeds, so you can enjoy the more thoughtful conversations ahead.

Have Fun!

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