Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 69

Today's Tip: Let's talk about blogspace functionality for a moment. Do you have a blog that is easy to share or follow? I have found that most blogs are one or the other and rarely both. Now I have been equally guilty of this and have written some humorous examples of what an idiot I am when I am trying to fix my own screw ups, but the underlying meaning is that I DID fix the screw ups. Have you?

Probably the most important asset you will have is your ability to be shared by your readers. If you haven't set that up, then you are wasting a lot of views. There are a bazillion apps and whatnot for every system. Some are Wordpress specific, some are Blogger specific, and there are a lot that are specific to other sites. I prefer to use AddThis because it is easy, and I can use it on any site I just so happen to use. There are others out there, but that is up to you to find them, and use them if you wish. As you can see in the image above and the image below it stays out of the way, and it is visually appealing, while being obvious as to what to do with it,

Another really important part of generating repeat traffic is making sure that people who like you can follow you. Please keep in mind that being narrow minded about the follow options your provide might make it so some people just don't follow you. For example in the image beside, you will see that I provide a link for G+ folks and for Google Friend Connect. This gives me a wide range of follow options for different tastes. I myself always use the Google Friend Connect if it is available because it will add new blogs to the feed in the interface I use to blog. There are many days that I just open my browser to create a blog and see new posts that friends posted in my Blogger Feed and get lost in those first. These choices of course are up to you, but don't skimp on the choices for others or again you may just be wasting traffic.

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