Friday, July 24, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 73

Today's Tip: Don't delete comments! Well ok there are a couple of circumstances where you should delete comments, like spammers or people who use language that you just don't want associated with your blog, but for the most part don't delete negative comments.There really only are three types of negative comments and they all should remain in place for different reasons.

1. You may have deserved the negative comment because you said something insulting, or it is a constructive criticism on something you said that isn't factual. In this case you need to keep the comment there or you are a coward. I personally either like or + the comment and thank them for the comment.
2. The person is a douchebag and will always be a douchebag, in which case you simply want others to see how you handle a douchebag for future reference.
3. The person has grown sick of you, envious of you, or several other things that makes them just not like you. These are the ones you definitely have to leave up there, because these are the types of people that in a lot of cases will start recruiting others. It is best to have the glaring examples of why you and that person have stopped getting along right out there in the open, rather than have people wonder.

It really is rare that you will get any of these types of negative comments but as I said, you have to just leave them there and roll with them. Many of the negative comment people want you to delete the comments so that they know they got to you, and will inevitably come back for more. Those that see they don't get to you most likely will just un-follow you like they should have done in the first place.

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