Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 76

Today's Thought: Pop ups will end your blogging career before it even starts. Short and sweet, but just because a big site can get away with pop up ads, pop up email lists, pop up videos etc, does not mean you can. It makes me want to cry some days when a really good blogger joins the evil empire of unusable blogs. You go to their blog and then BOOM the pop ups start. Some of these poor souls have been guided to do this by the people who blog on blogging for a living, and I don't even comprehend where it makes sense.

Think about it for a minute but how many sites do you continue to visit that blast you with pop ups? The answer for most is "not many" and the reason is simple, you only have so much time to explore websites as it is without having to work for it. My favorite site, or at least what used to be my favorite site, New England Sports Network (NESN) changed their format around so that you not only get pop ups nagging you to join e-mail lists, and visit their advertisers, but also ads at the top of the screen that balloon out into a shockwave nightmare. I had to stop going to the site altogether because it was a horrible waste of my time. Apparently I am not the only one, as I have gotten e-mails from them telling me that they have changed the format again.

Now keep in mind a lot of these sites that you no longer go to because of all the pop ups and other garbage are FAMOUS sites that don't need you. If you are struggling blogger then as I said in the beginning, you could be ending what could have been a wonderful blogging life, before it ever has a chance. Forget the people that tell you that you need to do these things and think of how these things make you feel and you will probably see the logic in it.

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