Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I was asked by a dear friend to post a poem and credit it to Anonymous. While the credit for such beautiful words should be accredited to the author, I respect and appreciate the author's wishes. I am posting it in the Whacko Blog so that the author understands how important they are to all of us in the Whacko Family ..

The accusations burned like a wild fire.
Sweeping quickly through.
Leaving nothing untouched.
The intense heat was suffocating.
Damage left in its wake was devastating.
Woken from my slumber and in a daze I had no idea what hit me.
Literally on every realm.
The water should have put out the fire.
Instead it fueled it.
A truce was called between hot and cold.
A truce that has given the facade that the fire is out.
But deep down below the embers still burn
One spark threatening to light it anew.
The cold must be strong to keep the fire below the surface.
Otherwise, everything will be lost.


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