Monday, August 24, 2015

Blogaholic Writing Tip: Vol. 04

Today's Tip: This was a Blogging Tip at one time, but now it is being converted into a Writing Tip. The ability to write is no more than taking the most mundane crap, wrapping it into a pretty package and selling it. You fold laundry, most of your readers fold laundry, but do your readers really want to read about folding laundry? They do if you make it a lot more exciting than folding laundry, and I have said a million times that everybody has the potential to do what I am about to demonstrate, just to be proven wrong over and over again. Here I am to once again tell you all that nobody wants to read about folding laundry, but most people want to be made to feel that folding laundry is some sort of epic struggle between good and evil and they are one of the heroes in the battle. See what I did there?

Ok so I have taken a boring subject like folding laundry, and even though everyone relates to having to do it, how do "we" as writers sell it to everyone? One more time, you are taking the mundane, wrapping it in a pretty package and selling it to people. You need to wrap the package like this ...

There she stands, the domestic goddess that she is, after struggling with the complicated drudgery of getting the little monkeys dressed, fed, equipped, and standing there waiting for the troop transport to carry them off to school, and now of all times she has to battle that monstrous pile of laundry. The average, no the mediocre domestic demi-goddess would need a glass of wine or perhaps half a pot of coffee but not this warrior among women, bo she will walk in there blind, with only her wits to guide her through. You can almost feel sorry for that pile of laundry for it will be tamed, and it will be put away, because they have finally met their match!

Now the average person is not only interested but nodding along as if this mundane task of folding laundry is some epic struggle. Just like when they do it. Now for some unknown reason they feel that you truly understand what they go through, no matter how many times you had said, "Hey, I fold laundry too!"

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