Friday, August 28, 2015

Blogaholic Writing Tip: Vol. 05

I have not been blogging for some time, and this could be my only blog-post for some time to come as well. The reason being just pure mess. I am not here to discuss about the mess in my life, but news flash: I have one really good thing in my pocket which I want all the people in blogosphere to know.

The last few weeks have been pretty demotivating, but there is one good idea that struck my mind that I will try in the future, and I want every one of our readers to try it now. Freelancing! While every one of you are familiar with the term, most of you don't use it enough for your benefits. Freelancing and Blogging are two different things, and in comparison blogging is by miles more satisfying than Freelancing. However, it is really not a bad idea to do some freelance writing occasionally.

If you are a newbie or someone who doesn't earn a penny from blogging, an occasional writing pitch to a site is really one thing to try. Let me summarize in few points for you the benefits of occasional freelancing for a blogger:

1. Money: The most obvious is the few good dollars you will get on accepted articles, you might not need the money, maybe you have a good source of income, but getting paid for a written work could really boost your confidence.

2. Exposure: So, believe me all the while I was never talking about writing as ghost writers or submitting your work to content mills or freelancing sites. What you should do is contact reputable sites directly and pitch them the ideas of yours. Most of them allow blog-links or other links if your article is published along with a short-bio, add to that as I stated- the money. Not bad!

3. Research: Say if you decide to create and send a unique list to Listverse, you will create a list, which would mean a lot of research and consequently a lot of hard work because you don't want to get rejected. This will help you to go through stuff you rarely would have done otherwise, and will go a long way in widening the spaces covered.

4. Rejections: While you have your own blog, you publish almost everything you feel is good, and that is how it should be. Other sites will not do that. Every time for you to get yourself published on other giant sites, you got to give your best. You will be rejected at times during the start, but if you are good you will get your place with time, and consequently this habit of giving your best for every article, will rub off to your blog, and will led to your blog become a must-read one as well.

If you are convinced. Give 'Sites that Pay' a Google search or if you want me to create a list of sites for you, mention it in the comment section below, although you will get many lists anyways.

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