Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 79

Today's Tip: Never EVER be afraid to try something new, as long as it is YOU that wants to try it. You need to take in that whole sentence because as "the brand" you need to simply do what you want, and not be afraid to do it, while at the same time NOT simply trying something new because someone else told you to. This is a hard one for a lot of people, because we all want to be loved and adored, but we don't always know how to get there. Being yourself of course is the only way to do it, but there is always someone around every corner trying to sell you on how to do it. Present company included. Of course here I am with more advice, but failure is a good thing.

Now on that note that doesn't mean a tip or suggestion from a friend isn't a good thing. It was someone else that told me I have a knack for sharing quotes, and I really had no desire to do it, but I did it on a "trial basis" and found out that I like doing it, and it became very popular. If I hadn't liked doing it, then I assure you it wouldn't have become popular and I wouldn't have continued doing it. Now please keep in mind that I have ten years worth of blogs, demonstrating more failures than successes, BUT it's like Winston Churchill once said " Success is going from failure to failure without a lack of enthusiasm," and trust me, I know. Just maintain the enthusiasm, and you will find that it infects others.

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