Friday, August 21, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 85

Today's Tip: Take advantage of the trends that seem to be flowing around social media to enhance your audience, or highlight your work. Did you know probably the easiest way to "push" your blogs into the narrative is by logging into Twitter? Right there in front of your face is the items that they proclaim are trending, and if you happen to be writing about something in the "Trends" then you are looking at hashtags that will get you read immediately. Google + almost always follows the same trends, and Facebook ... well who cares about Facebook.

Now this also works for the "general" daily hashtags, and how you can incorporate a routine that will get your work noticed. I take advantage of #MotivatedMonday #WorkoutWednesday and #FitFriday to get my YouTube videos out there of my workouts. I use #WritingWednesday and #SerialSaturday to get my new Fiction out there, and then of course the mother of all hashtags if you ask me, #ThrowBackThursday which makes it acceptable to re-post old stuff. All of which seems to have a ready made audience and always seems to gain me a few new followers every week. Again please listen to me when I say that whatever hashtags you use, or trends you surf into social media on, make sure that what you are posting is actually appropriate for the trends and hashtags. You will only get a stab or two at tricking someone into reading or watching what you post. If you lie to them, they are usually done with you permanently.

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