Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blogging Trend of the Day: Vol. 01

Today's Tip: I was watching a Vlog (Video Blog) the other day which I very rarely do, because I am more of a reader and less of a listener. Once I am given the opportunity to wander away from something, I do. It drives my wife crazy because I can't sit through a movie, without my mind wandering. Reading doesn't give me that option I am either there or I am not, there is no in between and also the ability to miss most of the topic and filling it in with my own opinions. Now of course I am unique but not alone with this. The Vlog was basically explaining how the written Blog is dead and the Vlog is the only way to go. We shall see on that one.

Now I am not a monolith in the way I think, and I have heard from many places that one should have an audio version of their blog for the people that don't want to read. Again I am thinking to myself, if reading is beneath someone then my writing in any format may not be for them. On the other hand it couldn't hurt either I suppose. Nobody seems to write a book any more without an audio-book. Nobody's blog seems to get the amounts of hits that many of the YouTube Rock Stars seem to get anymore. I can imagine that it would be a good idea for some people to do many formats of the same medium to get attention. Not me, of course I am way too lazy, but if anyone out there seems to have dual audiences let us know the ins and outs of it please?

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