Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Ode to International Friendship Day

The International friendship day passed by on 30th July, we Indians officially recognize the 1st Sunday of August as the friendship day( few more countries do the same). And, our discussion today is the relationship we call friendship. Friends, we all need them, don't we? For sharing our dreams, our smiles, our pain,and also, our mistakes.

I have already talked about building a blogging family before, and can a family be complete without a friend? A true friend is what we all look for in every aspect of life, and blogging is nothing different. We in no aspect of life look out for someone who acts as a Godfather, but just someone, who when seeing us make mistakes, doesn't turn away like everyone else but let us know our flaws. For bloggers,say while reading an article of yours, the person finds some simple stuff you are lacking in engaging with people, the next thing he would do is drop a private message based on just giving a true interpretation of what he saw and what he thinks. Who knows, the advice(s) may turn your blogging or writing for better.

And if you did find the words stated above realistic, and now wonder where to search for such people because as a blogger, you are bound to have a lot of strangers as your colleagues, and after all Social Media is a real big world in itself. The answer is not too difficult, you just need to be that friend to others, what you want others to be to you. Be a friend who just doesn't flatter with great compliments in public, but also remind his friend of the flaws( if any) in private, be that sincere friend to someone else and amidst you will get one too. All of us have been here enough to know this a really lovely place, this 'Bloggywood'.

For an example, look no far, than The Blogaholics Anonymous itself, after all, not many times, you see an American whacko work with an Indian one without one person even knowing a glimpse of other's personal life and yet enjoying the same ride together and having fun, all because of a bond called FRIENDSHIP. This relationship is based on love and selflessness, show these qualities to others, and the rest will work for itself.

"If you have a true friend in your life, stop praying for a better life, because there can't be one." - Rahul Singh (know him).

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