Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Attack of the Meaningless Fraudlings!

I try to understand things because I am curious by nature. Some things are easy to figure out and others are more difficult. Then there are those that will probably never make sense but I still try to wrap my mind around them. Now of course I don’t wrap my mind around them to the point where it interferes with my life or anything, but they are like that Stonehenge thing out in the United Kingdom, you just have to know!

My list of these things gets smaller with every year I manage to stay on this side of the dirt, but then again a thing or two are added every year. The newest one that will be an unsolved mystery until the end of time is the “Girlie Pictures” communities on Google +. Sure I am a man and all and I like to look at girls, but there are hundreds of those communities, each more useless than the last and even worse is the amount of fraud profiles that are dedicated to trying to drag people to them. WHY?!?! At least all the fraudlings on Twitter are trying to sell me things, usually fake profile hits or some SEO scheme.

Everyone knows what I am talking about here too. You get a new “follower” and you can look right at it and say “Oh a new fraudling trying to get me to join a Girlie Pictures community,” but seriously I ask again, WHY?!?! What the heck makes it worth it to someone to create 800 fake profiles, and then spend time with each and every one of them to try and get people to join a community dedicated to half naked women pictures that you could find with a f***ing Google search? You don’t make money off of it! Nobody actually knows who you are, so there is no notoriety from it! It makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever, and here I am Jeremy Crow dedicated self prevocational mental abuse victim actually wondering WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!

The question of course at this point is what the Hell is wrong with me that it matters in any way shape or form, and my friends out there with the OCD completely get what is wrong with me. There has to be some form of reasoning in the world. There has to be scientific explanations to why people need to create an army of fraud profiles and drag us all into the Girlie Picture communities! There has to be an answer! I mean I can even understand the people that spam my e-mail trying to sell me a porn tube account or some Viagra knockoff, but a community with pictures scanned out of an old issue of Maxim? ARRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

Holy crap, I think it just hit me! What if Stonehenge was just something built by the druids to get online idiots to submit to Girlie Pictures communities? I think I may have finally solved two of the greatest problems known to mankind! I’ll have to look into that, stay tuned!

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