Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 100

Today's Tip: Well I finally made it to 100 tips. It was easy with Health Whacko and Write Wing Whacko, but I was really starting to wonder if I could get here with Blogaholics Anonymous, but here we are. All bragging aside it does play into my 100th tip that I mention these things. This will be another blog about "branding" yourself, only in a bit more detail so pay attention.

The Jeremy Crow brand meaning me is doing fine, or should I say doing more than fine, but like any other brand it was necessary for me to "split" the brand. Many people don't think about this and may never but for those that do here is what I have walked away with and how I am trying to deal with it. Think about it in terms of when Coca Cola changed it's formula. They may not have survived that if they didn't go back to their original formula and scrap the new formula. Well this is what happened to me when I started "The Whacko Blogs" brand. This was necessary because I wanted to drag other bloggers along with me in the blogasphere, but I couldn't dedicate all of my free social media space to it, otherwise my brand would suffer. For months it was a fools errand, but I stayed the course. Later when I chose to take "The Health Whacko" brand and move it out too, I had finally figured out the formula that appears to be working.

As "The Brand" which is what every blogger has to consider themselves, I could of course overshadow the other "Brands" that I was trying to launch. The only way to make it work is to stay the course, make sure that you have some content that is available only on the other "Brands" and use "The Brand" to advertise the other brands subtly. You need to think of this in terms of being your own brand, and when you are branching out to guest blog, and help others out. Make damn sure that you share original content at all times. On their blogs and your blogs because if you do not then your audience will simply attach themselves to the path of least resistance. In this case it would be the more popular social media entity. If you treat your other "Brands" much in the same way as you would treat guest blogging, then you should be fine, but trust me it is going to take time and perseverance.

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