Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 92

Today's Tip: Play to your strengths until they are no longer your strengths. The mind is a terrible thing, or the mind is a waste, I can't remember the old saying, but I know that my mind is like a monorail a lot of times. It has one track, and it is best to accept that and ride it where it is going. This is like Part 2 of yesterday's Tip of the Day, but it does stand alone in it's own right just like yesterday's needed to be said independently. Let's say you have gotten over the writer's block you blamed for your inability to get over your own head, and you have figured out you have a lot of things to say. Now you are dealing with the opposite problem, and you seem to only have a lot to say about one topic, and not several. Run with it folks.

Just like I had to deal with having to many things to say at one time, I have also had to deal with having too little to say, or more to the point, my mind just seems to get better at one topic than another. This is only a bad thing if you haven't accepted that this is how life goes. At one time I was all politics, at another time I was all creative writing, and another time I am all health and fitness. Build up each individual facet of your brand while you have the ability to do it, and don't worry about the other facets. As I try to get across you are ONE brand with many facets and every one of your facets that you build up strengthens your brand in general. Sure as you ignore one facet it will lose some ground but it will NEVER lose all ground. Stifling another facet that wants to run wild will only effect what ground you could be gaining there, and more important, that bolstering facet of your brand WILL drag the rest upward.

If this sounds like too much to comprehend right now you probably just aren't there in your blogging career yet. Store this in your mind and when that day comes you will be able to say, "Oh wait, that Jeremy Crow idiot said something about this?" and just make sure you spell the name right!

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