Tuesday, September 15, 2015

But.....You're Dead

Today I received an email from someone who died over three years ago. Yesterday I received a Facebook birthday notification from someone who passed away last year. A couple of weeks ago, LinkedIn asked me to congratulate a friend on his work anniversary.  He, too, has been gone for over a year.  These are just a few examples of these situations I've experienced. And each time, an eerie feeling sweeps over my body and my skin crawls.

 When I go, I want my loved ones to look up into the heavens to feel close to me, not look at my last tweet.

Some families decide to leave the social media accounts of their deceased loved ones open. I had a high school acquaintance die a few years ago and his mother would post daily on his Facebook account. It was terribly touching, but became gut-wrenching and I eventually unfriended the dearly departed because it was too emotional to read (maybe that makes me a horrible person).  Although, in another situation, I saw a post wishing someone a happy birthday because they apparently missed the whole announcement that the individual died a few months back.  People have told me that without a password, social media platforms make it impossible to close someone else's account.  Really? Because they seem to make it quite easy for someone to hack another's profile (That's happened to me on more than one occasion!).

I don't know why I'm even focusing on this today. Guess the last two interactions affected me more than I thought they did. In this Information Age I think people need to leave instructions for their family as to what to do with their social media accounts just like they would do with financial accounts and personal property.  I can see why some would want their accounts left open - temporarily or permanently. These profiles become the last remaining proof to the world that the person lived.  Sometimes even acting as sentimental tributes.

However, I can also see why some would want them closed (I fall into this category.) My loved ones don't need reminders of my birthday or my work anniversary.   And they certainly don't need to receive emails from me from beyond the grave. Also, I'd like to think that I leave more behind than a Twitter account with awesome daily memes.  As I write this I am praying that my best friend doesn't receive the hacked email from her father that I just did. I think it would be enough to ruin her day.

I realize this is an odd and morbid topic, but I seriously don't think people really consider this. Have any of you put any thought into what you'd want to become of your social media accounts - oh my God!, or you BLOGS! - when you do pass away?

My apologies, again, for starting the day off with such depressing thoughts. But I m curious as to what instructions others have in place for such a time.

And, now that we are all totally depressed, I wish you all a great day enjoying life. 

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