Monday, September 21, 2015

It Takes Many Hats

If there is anything in the world where being a 'Jack of All Trades' is not bad, blogging is that thing. Being the master of producing 'Content' is very essential but there is no way for a blogger to go if he is not accustomed to wear multiple hats.

If you own a Blog, you can never shy away from being a mathematician at one instant and a promoter on the other. The fact is blogging is not all about writing. Producing good content is the most essential part but it is far from being the only.

You need to be a reader, writer, editor, philosopher, stats-person, technician, adviser, diplomat ( as they say, when you don't have anything nice to say. Say something nice anyways!). However, the most important quality lies in nowhere above. No the secret is in being a student, and continuing to learn your craft. The world is changing fast, what you know now might become obsolete the next moment, and almost always does. The most essential thing is to keep learning, keep reading.

Read what you think is important but never forget to read what you don't think of as important. As I have said you never know which hat you are going to need to put on next. I never have a clue which one I will be wearing next. This is an exciting place to be. The money may come, the money may not. Fame may give you a taste, isolation can too, but one thing is for sure if you love blogging, you may succeed, you may fail, but you will get some gray hairs along the way too.

The fact of the matter is always, be prepared to wear different hats, never be afraid to improvise, just keep moving on, and always be ready for multiple kind of tasks. I would also suggest creating YouTube videos, and Info-graphics as too. Never limit your creativity.

The ones who have been blogging for a long time will already be accustomed to these. The one's who aren't. Good Luck!

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