Monday, October 5, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 102

Today's Tip: As October rolls in it is important to remember that the un-official start of the holiday season is upon us. People are out decorating their homes with spooky stuff for Halloween, then they will take that down and bring out the fall stuff for Thanksgiving, then onward and upward to Christmas, Then you only have a week to get prepared for all the amateurs that will be making the yearly ass of themselves for New Years. Your blog should be your online house, and you should be prepared to decorate it as such. It's what people are used to and ready for so make sure you are placing some holiday theme into your blogs. This is THE TIME of the year to start dragging in the new audience, and I would hate to see you miss it.

Let's go back to the old day when I was cool. I know it is hard to do since most of you don't actually know me when I was cool, but to do this we have to think of MySpace. No we aren't talking about the MySpace that is out there right now, but the MySpace that the idiots at Fox bought because they thought it was the future of the internet. In all honesty it really was, but a place called Facebook came along and MySpace didn't keep up with the times and boom, we have the Hip Hop gangsta capital of the universe, and Facebook makes money. Well if we go back to when it was cool and I played cool on internet, I would really doll it up for my holiday blogs, and every holiday I was the number 1 blog on MySpace. Yeah it was 2005 and all, but I do maintain a level of immature. It always fueled my blogging for the next year, and it was a wonderful learning experience. No go out there and start decorating your blog with holiday cheer folks!

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