Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 103

Today's Tip: Have you figured out your best days yet? Seriously we all have good days and bad days and they always seem to fall on the same days. Mondays are that awful day when you have to go back to work but for me personally in the blogging world it is my best day and for the exact same reason it is most people's worst. People punch in head to their desk and load up their computer to see what happened over the weekend. Tuesdays are my worst and probably because that same crowd has to get caught up on the work they didn't do the day before. Wednesdays are usually back on track, Thursdays not so much. Fridays seem to get pretty good traffic but again I think it is daydreaming workers, and then Saturday and Sunday are always a crap shoot.

Now of course all good and bad days are different and don't get them confused with YOUR good and bad days. Maybe Mondays the stuff you write stinks, but Tuesdays you are on your game. Wednesdays aren't as good as Tuesdays etc etc. The tip today is to never mail it in because of the day. If you have something to post, post it! If it gets hardly any attention, then re-post it another day. Your goal is to be a reason for people to go on the internet and read what you have to say. If Tuesdays are traditionally bad for you (as they are for me) then you still need to post gold, and have the mentality that some day Tuesdays will be just as good as all the other days because people know you wrote something epic, so go out there and and post something epic.

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