Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 105

Today's Tip: Collaboration is the key to success. This is one of those things that we in the Fortune 500 world get e-mails on day in and day out. The company sets up many different tools like video conferencing, sharepoint, massive e-mail systems, and anything else that someone can sell to them as collaboration. This is an essential key to being one of the beautiful people in the blogging world too. Well ok it helps you to be one of the infamous people such as myself too, because the more collaboration you have, the more help you get along the way. Let's not forget that it also gives you more things to blog about.

Let's assume you know me, which I can assume most of you reading this have gotten to know me a bit. I spend a lot of time recruiting people to guest blog, and you have probably found me in more and more places guest blogging. Some might have even noticed that when I guest blog I don't adorn the posts with a lot of self promotion either. The reason for this is actually because it is more of a collaborative affair. I'm helping out and I am also entrenching myself more into the "blogging" world. Before I start new blogs I make sure that my friends don't already have those themes that I can just "help out" with instead. Several of my blogging friends just use my blogs to talk about certain topics and I in turn do the same.

Now onto the best part. As my friends and I who constantly guest post on each other's blogs go along we start creating narratives. The way one blog starts playing off another blog becomes a trend and it links us together as well as our audiences. It isn't just "business" but it is fun as well. Many topics I never dreamed of writing about I have found myself engaged in, and I have seen the same work in reverse with the others that write along with me. Collaboration makes all bloggers in the same area stronger, especially if you keep it simple by having several people with several blogs and they all work together instead of compete with each other.

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