Sunday, October 18, 2015

Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 107

Today's Tip: The question of the ages. What do you do when social media is acting all wonky? Well there are two choices despite all of the scenarios you have played out in your head or dealt with in real time.

1. You can totally flip out. This seems to be everyone's (including mine) favorite way of dealing with it which leads to a few results.
  • A. You break all of your settings trying to fix whatever wonky situation is happening. Possibly never being able to fix them again when the system works properly again
  • B. You drive everyone else completely batty with all your whining about how the internet Gods are out to get you. Don't worry that won't last for long as people will just start ignoring you. Again you may never recover from this.
2. Weather the storm. Yep just go about your business as if nothing is going wonky. You can't fix it anyway and as noted above the other alternatives suck. Not to mention you are just going to give yourself an ulcer. Here are the results I have discovered when weathering these storms.
  • A. Just because it is broken for you doesn't mean it is for everyone else. Just let life happen without you for a bit. More on this in a bit.
  • B. You can always re-post things later when things aren't wonky but as I said don't just go on vacation because your social media is messed up. More on this in a bit.

I used to think Facebook was constantly out to get me but in reality Facebook is constantly in a state of change and often it doesn't go well. That's life but I also figured out it wasn't a good social network for what I do. Google Plus is basically my life blood of support and popularity but over the last few months it has been altering things and it has been pretty rough on me. With that said I just learned to go with the flow and it straightens itself out. Here are the things I also learned and I hope you can learn from it too if it happens to you.

1. If you post things to a BlogSpot blog and then re-share them to your Google Plus page not only do all your pluses and comments accumulate to your blog but it still manages to collect them when Google Plus is being wonky. For example
  • A. Times like now that if I look at any of my posts on Google Plus they all register 0. If I use The Whacko Blogs or Health Whacko account and go to my page I can see all the pluses. Oh well. The important part is when I go to the blog entries they are all there. Phew!
2. The same thing applies to your stream. If I plus anything right now it doesn't show that I plused it. Of course through trial and error I discovered that the plus still registers on the things I plus. In other words don't just run away because your Google Plus account is being wonky. Like I said its just something to weather. So what you do and have a laugh about it.

These are just personal examples. I have had issues with my graphics that apparently only I can see and they worked themselves out in time too. I fought off my need to freak out thank God. Just know that ALL social media sites will go wonky from time to time. It isn't worth going mental over and as I pointed out in a lot of cases it just means something better is coming. Stay calm and weather the storm. You'll thank me for it, or at least you will be thankful for it in the end.

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